About Us

Welcome to Pachmarhi Ayurveda, also known as Om Sai Ayurvade Bhandar and Om Sai Ayurvade Udyog. Pachmarhi Ayurveda, based in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, began offering Ayurvedic medicines in 2010. Our medicines are made with specific herbs from the Pachmarhi forest to help address health, skin, and hair issues, as well as prevent future ones — they are effective, authentic, time-tested, and well-balanced.

Pachmarhi ayurveda is an ayurveda producer or provider known for natural herb gathering, wild honey, and Shilajeet, which is collected from mountains or caves by trivals for raw materials collecting is difficult in the jungle. Because natural raw materials are scarce in Pachmarhi, the forest does not grant permission to everyone, but Pachmarh Ayurveda is legal and certified by the government of Madhya Pradesh, which is why Pachmarhi Ayurveda collects wild honey, silajeet, and other raw materials from legal vendors who have been authorised by the forest or the M.P. government.